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How is this mentorship program unique?

It's Personalized. We create a plan together to determine specific areas of focus and topics of interest, and each session will address your needs.

You will receive strategies and tools customized specifically for you. Each mentoring session will thoughtfully challenge you and yield results for you personally and as a yoga teacher at your own pace and with specialized guidance from Lorrie or Brian (you choose your mentor).

Flexibility to take the Mentorship Program with up to two others.

Sign up with up to two of your yoga teacher colleagues and take these sessions together as a small group and split the cost. Sessions are designed with your group's needs in mind with dynamic content to inspire and move you all forward.

With richly concentrated content in each session, you will have tools to confidently work on specific areas to Expand and Amplify as an amazing yoga teacher — with our support and advice along the way!


How do I schedule a mentor session?

Take these steps to broaden your scope as a yoga teacher:

  1. Look through the Areas of Concentration topics. If you don't see a topic you're looking for, ask! If it's not our forte, we will direct you to a qualified teacher.

  2. Contact me to discuss your needs, ideas, passion.

  3. We will set up our first mentor session.


The initial Mentor Session is 1-hour minimum.

This includes a clear agenda to ensure a productive meeting.

Topics for your session is set by both mentor and you, prior to your session.


How do I set up a Yoga Class Review?

Let's coordinate with your class schedule and I will attend your class as your Mentor.

This is a real game-changer! Feelings of vulnerability can run high so we will work as a team and together get you to the next BIG chapter of teaching: "I Found My Teaching Groove!"


Yoga Class Review Includes:

  • Mentor attends your yoga class

  • Post-Yoga Class Review with mentor

  • Customized homework assignment


How do I set up a Follow-up Session?

You've completed the Yoga Class Review or Mentor session and want another related session to tie up loose ends or answer questions that have come up. This 45-minute Follow-up Session will recap your previous review, discuss your homework experience, highlight noted areas of strengths, and provide you with additional one-on-one assistance.


Follow-Up Session Includes:

  • Discuss assignment findings

  • Review new skills & progress

  • Specific follow-up guidance


What are the terms of service?

All rates are one-hour sessions unless otherwise noted and based in the Temecula area.

Multiple Session rates are based on prepayment.

For travel outside the Temecula and surrounding area an additional fee may apply.

A 12-hour notice is required for cancellations without forfeiting the session fee.

All sessions to be used within one year of purchase.


Does this count as Yoga Alliance continuing education?

Yes! Mentoring hours and hours accumulated throughout the mentorship including homework/study time can be counted as CEU hours for Yoga Alliance.


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