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Aligned Yoga | Yoga Basics Online

Suitable for all levels: from those new to those looking to strengthen their relationship with foundations. Attention and time are given to break down aspects of poses and for exploration within the pose.

Saturdays . 10:30a . HOME Yoga

Flow & Restore | Gentle+Restorative

This online class offers a gentle yet deep approach to  breath and movement to encourage greater awareness. Release held tensions, calm the nervous system and deeply relax and rejuvenate body mind soul.

Mondays . 5:30p . HOME Yoga

Tuesdays . 10:30a . HOME Yoga

Mixed Level Yoga Online

This class utilizes safe alignment cueing to move deeply into your practice from a place of strength and stability. Appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioners.

Fridays . 9a . HOME Yoga

Restorative + Meditation Online

Let the body be completely supported as you move into deep relaxation, focusing on rhythmic breathing and internal observation. Yoga Nidra is woven in as a guided meditation to support your well-being. Enjoy a reprieve from our over-abundance of stress. Designed to release negative emotions and thought patterns.

This class is not currently on the schedule.

We understand the desire to expand and live life to the fullest. We also understand the emotions and feelings that hinder moving forward. If you feel it's time to develop or refine your yoga practice, reach out. We are here to assist you on your path to greater freedom.

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